Adventure learning, as in the case of the GoNorth! series, seems to have been well received as a cool, innovative way to use technology to enhance K-12 education. Whether used in a curriculum-based, activity-based, standards-based, or media-based way, teachers and students have enjoyed the experience. Students seem to better grasp the information when they enjoyed the method of content delivery. The two things that struck me about this adventure learning example compared to other technology integration practices was the human element.

Students logged in every week because they were following real humans on adventure quests and learning along the way. The GoNorth! Team seems a lively bunch. They communicated directly with the students, keeping technology as a tool and people as the communicators. Peer interaction enhanced the experience for students.

For me personally, this adventure learning experiment was successful for that very reason. Technology allows for brilliant possibilities concerning education, but there is sometimes a tenancy, whether in excitement or merely inexperience, to promote technology in education for technologies sake and not for the betterment of the students.

I can see this type of adventure learning becoming a popular form of technological integration in the classroom.

As a side note: Where do we sign up to participate as GoNorth! team member?