I had a different idea of what this class would be like at the beginning. I figured it would include more reading about theory and practice. In the end, I have learned several things about the participation technologies, the IT industry, and about myself. I am not a person who feels the need to broadcast my thoughts often. I feel like this educational journey, at this point, is a personal journey. This made it very hard for me to have things to say for my blog and twitter. I don’t think I fully understood this about myself.

I also learned however, that mastering the skills necessary to maintain an online presences is beneficial in this field, and in academics. So more than anything this class showed me where my preferences and weaknesses are concerning social media and online communities of practice and gave me a road map and direction to move in.

I wish that I had had more time to commit to building an online presence during this semester, but time and scheduling would not allow it at this point in my life. However, I see what is possible and how to construct a plan that will work within an overscheduled life.

So this class has really provided insight and introduced me to important tools that I feel confident I will utilize in the future.

Of all the projects for this class, writing the conference paper was my favorite. It was a great learning experience—something that I have never done before. Submitting a paper was not as scary as I figured it would be, so I am truly glad we completed this project.